First day in Auckland

We are writing this at a ridiculously early hour from a dark hostel room that smells like mold, sweat, and a lot of marijuana. We landed yesterday at 5:45 and were moved a long through endless immigration queries and questions about whether their was dirt on our hiking boots (there was, they washed them for me. so charming!) and what we were doing in the country. The process took another hour an a half. When we finally reached our hostel we had enough time to shower and contemplate falling asleep before our lovely host, the feisty Frenchman, Robin, whisked us away to show us the city and do the boring things like setting up our bank account and tax ID’s. Robin is very friendly, says f*cking between every word, and is very passionate about making people feel at home here. I think we are in very good hands! Last night after a strange Chinese meal in a box, and a beer we found ourselves glancing at our watch as the minutes ticked by to reach an acceptable hour to go to bed. Robin advised us to stay up until nine. We made it to six thirty. Our bed here at the hostel is comfortable enough and the shower is warm with good pressure. Today we are going to take a ferry over to an active volcano and then plan out where to go from here. We only have three days in the city and its off to the country side!! First things first however, we need to find ourselves some sausage rolls for breakfast! We love you all very much!


One thought on “First day in Auckland

  1. Well f*cking A. You made it! Miss and sweaty sounds like the basement. Don’t forget that address when you get the chance. Be safe you guys!


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