Today we headed out of the big city for Paihia, a lovely little beach town on the Bay of Islands. Though it was nearly a four hour bus ride north, it did little in the way of bumping up the temperature. But it didn’t rain, and that’s a start. The bus we took was Nakedbus which we had heard awful things about from the bus leaving people, being late, or even hitting a lady without apologizing but we had no issues. It was as boring of a bus ride as one could hope for, but only inside the bus. Outside the bus was a living postcard with waterfalls, mountains and sprawling green hills that I can just picture Hobbit children playing on. And of course Alex was asleep in ten minutes.

 photo IMG_20150809_074900_zps3pqbkugk.jpg

 photo IMG_20150809_093943_zpspteyudzv.jpg

We found our hostel easily enough, quickly dropped our bags and headed for the grocery store. It was one hundred percent our intentions to eat all groceries while we were here. Then pizza happened. Thankfully this place is a little cheaper then Auckland. Some restaurants are almost back to U.S. prices, if not exactly the same considering you don’t leave tips. I wish I had a picture of the pizza because it was absolutely divine but it was gone before we could even pull out our camera. We continued on to the grocery anyways and loaded up because starting NOW we will be eating all groceries. Here are some photos of the lovely walk!

 photo IMG_20150809_134713327_HDR_zpsrtcyxrel.jpg

 photo IMG_20150809_135218_zpsjskcenac.jpg

We also found a walkway that is supposed to take people from Paihia to one of the neighboring towns on the bay. We were going to take it until we saw that it was just a series of cliffs. Our lovely bartender later in the evening informed us that you can only use the path during low tide. It was that moment that I realized I really want to live somewhere where my life is actually impacted by tides.

 photo IMG_20150809_152411_zpshlyodiov.jpg
 photo IMG_20150809_151924_zpsvz2cg3yw.jpg
 photo IMG_20150809_152834_zpsedxqagfy.jpg
 photo IMG_20150809_152405_zps04bckksc.jpg

Our bartender also had Jenga available so we played the most epic game of Jenga ever.

 photo IMG_20150809_174806_zpsfxi9tjqx.jpg

We will be in Paihia for three nights before heading south. Unless it magically gets warmer up here… then we might never leave!


2 thoughts on “Paihia

  1. I love the pictures especially the one where Alex is sleeping. I’ve never known someone to fall asleep quite as fast as him during a ride of any sort.
    Everything there looks so beautiful. I really hope I can come explore with the two of you sometime over the next year. Love you!


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