Government Gardens and BIRDS!

The day was a bit uneventful with us waking up, making breakfast and working on our CV’s (that’s a resume to all of you back home). After about 5 hours of starting at our computer screens and trying to remember what we did at our old jobs, we had to get out of the hostel. Don’t worry, we got almost all of that adult stuff out of the way before we left.

We decided to head towards the Government Gardens down the road and test out my fancy new camera.Before we could get there we ran into this AWESOME tree, created by the art center.
 photo DSC_0058_zps7qvl4gcv.jpg

After walking only a few more feet, we were greeted by some cool Maori carvings and a fun scrabble monument in the Government Gardens.
 photo DSC_0152_zpscanrs5au.jpg
 photo DSC_0064_zpscmdkpx1s.jpg

The rest of the gardens were pretty boring. The weather doesn’t allow for the big flower fields that most searches will pull up. Since we were so close to lake rotorua we decided to go hang out with the birds and try to become the next NatGeo amateur photographers.

 photo DSC_0103_zpscwlre5y2.jpgBlack Swans being evil with their red eyes
 photo DSC_0095_zpsltjxcnpt.jpgSeagulls and Geese running away from us
 photo DSC_0110_zpsetvix0iv.jpgThis one is called a Pukeko. It looks like a chicken gone wrong.While we were out we discovered a pretty area to get a good jumping picture in and a FREAKIN BIRD ISLAND!
 photo DSC_0141_zpsbyj7vokn.jpg
 photo DSC_0146_zpsjz6o7mat.jpg

Finally we made our way back during the sunset to escape the incoming cold. Next up is a long, 7+ hour trip to Wellington. Hopefully a more exciting day tomorrow!
 photo DSC_0111_zpsm3rvtehr.jpgby Alex


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