Rugby is Better than Football

Now I know the title probably made some of you a little angry. You have decided to unfollow us and never speak to us again but hear me out. Rugby has no pauses. Rugby has no commercial breaks. Rugby players wear no pads, helmets, pants. Many of the players had bandages wrapped around their head to hold in what is most likely their protruding brain masses. One commentator said, “he’s had a few concussions and a blood disorder but he’ll be back on the field this game.” Two noses were gushing blood within five minutes. And the icing on the cake? The referees are overly polite smallish British men who spoke to one of the massive giants who had his hands wrapped around one of the opposite team  members throats as if he was a kindergartner who was refusing to share. Its a big combination of soccer, football, and UFC. And they all play in ridiculously little shorts. I honestly cannot understand why anyone wouldn’t love this sport.

 photo bledisloe3_zpsm1lxgseo.jpg

So we were invited out by our Kiwi friend Richard to watch the match at the Ruck and Maul pub. The game was between the New Zealand All Blacks (surprisingly not one person I’ve asked knows why they are called the All Blacks) and the Australian Wallabies. We walked in during the famous Haka, a Maori tradition where the players dance, stick out their tongues, and beat on their chest to show the other team they are going to destroy them. And destroy they did. We tuned out around 34-7. It was a brutal pounding and the crowd was going crazy. Their was so much testosterone floating through the air it was palpable. Two old men took it to the next level outside where one shoved the other and the older one responded by slamming his fist into the side of his head. The guy hit the ground and laid unconscious for nearly ten minutes leaving behind a nice blood puddle. Seeing sixty year old men fight each other in itself is pretty shocking but whats more is that none of the staff seemed bothered, like this is commonplace during rugby games. The bouncer didn’t even kick out the offender, they just sat and chatted about how he shouldn’t of done that. Insane. This is how serious people are about rugby.

 photo 12b5aaabe0ffb9d281a31942555af2f6_zpsanpr3taj.jpgWe also met a lovely Irish couple who had gotten married on the South Island and were honeymooning before heading back to Ireland. The best part about them? The man, Alan, studied abroad in Ohio and got a working visa for the summer where he was a carnie. His favorite town? Sidney, Ohio. (For those of you unfamiliar with me, Sidney is the closest to Walmart to me. Its a tiny town with not much else going on for it besides that Walmart. He said the people at the carnival were exactly how he pictured America to be. Oh no! haha.)

Here is us with our new Irish friends Louise and Alan.

 photo IMG_20150815_213246-2_zpssue5j1jc.jpg

Tomorrow we are heading to Wellington, another 7 hour bus ride, but we will be getting deep into Hobbit territory. Prepare to see me stealing Gandalf’s staff!

By: Tracey


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