One long morning walk in the icy rain to a long and rocky ferry ride to a long and mountainous bus ride got us to Nelson. We have now reached the South Island and are getting closer to the lodge where we can finally have a base camp for a little bit. Our one goal here was to find a car but more on that later. Despite wanting to puke the entire ferry ride (this was due to equal parts choppy water and indulging a little too much in Wellington’s night life the night before, and was helped in no way by the greasy overpriced breakfast served on the ferry) it did offer some gorgeous views as we entered into the South. The ferry ride takes about three and a half hours, which is just brutal, but if you skip it an take the plane you miss out on the chance to see whales! No…we didn’t see any either but we definitely wouldn’t have seen them from a plane so there’s that. We definitely felt all of winter as the wind tried to knock us over on deck but it was worth it to get these pretty pictures.

 photo DSC_0242_zps8o3rtubt.jpg
 photo DSC_0233_zps60tvfxxz.jpg
 photo DSC_0274_zpsy2gwvhvx.jpg
 photo DSC_0254_zpstogtvfgs.jpg
 photo DSC_0247_zps3omqlla5.jpg
We had a chance to get some lunch at a cafe in Picton before the bus. This is for you Wheelz. The first is a meat pie, the second is a sausage roll, both are some of the best things that life has to offer.

 photo IMG_20150820_121101_zps8htzegnj.jpg
 photo IMG_20150820_121050_zpswvvb4saq.jpg
The bus ride was just as scenic, although terrifying as our big bus seemed to hang right over the edges of cliffs. And of course Alex just goes right to sleep.

 photo IMG_20150820_125609_zpszwmijpqt.jpg
 photo IMG_20150820_134800_zpsk1omklkd.jpg
 photo IMG_20150820_134337_zpsfz7av94e.jpg
Seriously, what is the point of taking this man places?

And then lovely Nelson. I think it is the prettiest place we’ve been yet with its miles of bike ways and hiking trails and mountains and oceans. None of that mattered for Alex though. He got into car buying mode immediately and I think he was more excited going through car ads then when we actually boarded the plane to come here. I promised to be supportive but as he went on and on about the benefits of Toyota’s and how Mitsubishi’s would surely mean our untimely demise, I kind of glazed over and just walked around in a day dreamy haze of “yes dears” wishing I was on the beach and it was just ten degrees warmer. I did manage to squeeze one hike out of him. We walked to what is supposedly the center of New Zealand. Its located way up in the mountains and it takes forty five minutes to hike up but it felt good to do something not car related (although we had to retrace our steps quickly down because Alex thought he saw a car with a for sale sign in the window.)

 photo DSC_0298_zpsqydfppfe.jpg
 photo DSC_0287_zpsnbkxekpd.jpg
 photo DSC_0294_zpsnungpjod.jpg

And after much deliberation and highway test drives and looking under hoods we can finally say we are the proud owners of Cheeka (She was named by a British person, obviously there will need to be some adjustments). I can’t wait to show you guys everything about her but Alex has to wake up first. More news to come! To help you deal with the suspense, check out this awesome New Zealand brewed beer we found!

 photo IMG_20150821_203123_zpsb7ice7bv.jpg

Love you all!
By Tracey


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