Nelson Lakes National Park, go there!

Just a quick little show and tell. Nelson Lakes National Park is a little over an hour outside of Nelson but the water so clear you can see eels swimming right on by and its framed by snowy mountain peaks. The iconic little dock is straight out of a New Zealand brochure. We did a little hike and watched the water for a bit, nothing too fancy but I couldn’t not put up these photographs.

 photo IMG_20150822_123237165_HDR_zpsihcrvh0c.jpg

 photo IMG_20150822_123653283_HDR_zpsyunmmxul.jpg

 photo IMG_20150822_123401_zpso4ncwqm2.jpgWhat the duck is that?? 🙂

So today we arrived out our new home. We found them through the sight Basically for working an hour or so a day making up the beds, cleaning the bathrooms, getting the hotel ready for the next round of guests we get a free room and free dinner when the bar is open. We will be basing ourselves here until we find real jobs but we basically landed in heaven. This lodge is right on the beach in a small town called Kaiteriteri. For those of you that can’t navigate the new fangled interwebs (shout out to you grandma Katie!) here is a map.

 photo Untitled_zpsjdq2uope.jpg

The best part is, because its slow season, we get our own room! It has a king sized bed. It has its own shower and toilet! Its like having an apartment with free rent steps away from the sand! Life today is just kicking butt! Of course tomorrow we have to start working but it will be nice to have a little structure in our lives. We will take pics of our new abode for tomorrow.

Love you guys!

by Tracey

PS look how reckless Alex is in the new car

 photo IMG_20150822_150034_zpstgiqs7z2.jpg


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