It’s been a hectic two days since we last checked in but I’m glad for it because it looks like the heavy, day ruining rain has finally caught up with us. It was a bit of a struggle to get here however. The bus company we booked with (Nakedbus, which we heard nothing but horror … More Rotorua

Haruru Falls

Yesterday morning we woke up starving. We had spent the night out making friends with some Brits at the local pub and had forgotten all about dinner. We still have been waking up relatively early, around 5:30 or 6:00 which is nice because we get all the facilities to ourselves and we didn’t have to … More Haruru Falls


Today we headed out of the big city for Paihia, a lovely little beach town on the Bay of Islands. Though it was nearly a four hour bus ride north, it did little in the way of bumping up the temperature. But it didn’t rain, and that’s a start. The bus we took was Nakedbus … More Paihia

Western Park

This morning we woke up and took care of all the necessities we had been putting off. We have been sharing one half travel sized bottle of body wash and a bit of tooth paste and were running quite low. This brings us to one major downfall of this country (at least in Auckland, we … More Western Park

Rangitoto Island

Before arriving in New Zealand we read many an article on New Zealand’s weather. We read that the weather changes rapidly, dress in layers, be prepared for all four seasons in one day! And we thought.. we are from Ohio, we know what that’t about. We were so wrong. Periods of beautiful sunshine and late … More Rangitoto Island

First day in Auckland

We are writing this at a ridiculously early hour from a dark hostel room that smells like mold, sweat, and a lot of marijuana. We landed yesterday at 5:45 and were moved a long through endless immigration queries and questions about whether their was dirt on our hiking boots (there was, they washed them for … More First day in Auckland

Hello world!

Welcome to Beer and Backpacks, a blog that follows our journey during our year long working holiday visa in New Zealand. We plan on updating whenever possible to keep our family, friends and anyone who is interested in the loop during our travels.