Between the magical moments

These last few days we have been really busy at the hostel. The rugby kids left (thank god) and the backpackers came in and repeat. We thought we’d share with you what we are doing when you aren’t seeing us having fabulous times in front of epic scenery.

The showers must be oh so shiny.

 photo IMG_20150905_0944241_zpsnazhmefu.jpg

The towels must be folded in thirds with the soaps like chocolates on top.

 photo IMG_20150905_0956562_zpsbyimvdaa.jpg

The sheets must be wrinkle free.

 photo IMG_20150905_1018321_zpstuyqe0wj.jpg

And guess whose job it is to put all the dishes away when no one else wants to be in adult responsibility world. Us! Or maybe I’ve somehow become everyone’s mother….

 photo IMG_20150901_1142071_zpskgeqcct7.jpg

As you can see, it isn’t all glamour. I cleaned nine bathrooms today. I made sixteen beds. And we will do it over and over and over again. Today was only slightly more interesting because we were all massively hung over. Me, Alex and our boss. Hungover as muuggss. Because last night we celebrated, a little too hard (three liters of box wine killed). And why did we celebrate? Well (to keep the suspense building) a few days ago we had decided to stay in Nelson for a few months because the weather is better and we could save money. Our ultimate goal is to get to Queenstown but that is everyone’s goal so we thought we could hold the fort here and save some money. We spent our off day looking for help wanted signs and wandering the city until my phone rang. This is only the third time my phone has rang since we got here because my only contact is Alex but Alex was in the car with me. It was the Department of Conservation!!! I got an interview! In Queenstown! I know this doesn’t guarantee the job but I am very, very excited. This is basically the same as working as a park ranger in the US. So we stopped our job search there, came back to the hotel and figured out how to move ten hours across the country. By epic-ly roadtripping down the west coast of course. My interview is on the fourteenth so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Now anyways, we haven’t been JUST working and sleeping. There are a bunch of lovely beaches to walk around, some hills to go up, you can go out into the ocean and catch your own mussels and then bring them back and boil them (pretty disgusting). We stare at Kevin (the fat bird we met on day one) from time to time.

 photo DSC_0679_zps8qhvpsuw.jpg
 photo IMG_20150904_171813297_HDR1_zps136f6snm.jpg
 photo IMG_20150904_171749107_HDR1_zpsx2hqu7vj.jpg
 photo IMG_20150904_171502621_HDR1_zpsbiidagr9.jpg

And Kaiteriteri wouldn’t be complete with out its flying fox! A daring zip line right in the city center. Hours of entertainment! Kaiteriteri has one road, one bar, one convenience store in a conex and a playground, but you know, life is what you make it.

And besides the zipline actually is pretty cool.

 photo IMG_20150904_174551553_HDR1_zpsp2mo0ipe.jpg

Road trip coming soon! Love you guys!

By Tracey


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