Goodbye Kaiteriteri

Our last day in Kaiteriteri was bitter sweet. Because of our hard work, Caroline and Adi put us up for a day at the Abel Tasman National Park. We got to take a water taxi out to see, of course, more seals and beautiful landscape. We took a four hour hike back to the pickup point moving up hill, back down, and even over rocks to get across the streams. I think this is one of my favorite features about the parks here. They cater to no one, you can either hike the trail or your cant.

 photo DSC_0712_zpsbppmk2rs.jpg
 photo DSC_0722_zpsapkbkmgp.jpg
 photo DSC_0716_zpstgufqaxa.jpg

There is no vehicle access or gift shops. Just miles and miles (or I guess hectares and hectares) of untouched wildlife.

 photo DSC_0689_zpszda1ebhl.jpg
 photo DSC_0711_zpsoym2hatv.jpg
 photo DSC_0733_zpstcxjszw9.jpg
 photo DSC_0741_zpsaje9fjzk.jpg

We tried to get a picture together at the stunning Cleopatra’s pools, only accessed by hopping across stones on a river. Alex almost fell off the rock on the way down but I caught him.. I’ve been working out.

 photo DSC_0753_zpsel8aaxl4.jpg
 photo DSC_0761_zpssubyndxf.jpg

Waiting for the water taxi to return we even got lucky and found a beach loaded with starfish. The first ones we have ever found and there were dozens all floating a foot away from the surface.

 photo DSC_0778_zpsgsmegjam.jpg

And true to fashion, Alex can’t even stay awake on the stunning ride back to the lodge.

 photo IMG_20150907_155818_zpsuiznlril.jpg

When we returned we hung out with Adi for a bit before deciding to make some tea. After asking some questions and finding us to be beyond ignorant in all things tea related (“America doesn’t even have milk! Its all diet and cream!”) she decided that she couldn’t live with herself if we had left the lodge without having a proper cuppa so we had our first tea lesson. And it was delicious!

 photo IMG_20150907_170007_zpsrwijl3ze.jpg

It tastes like warm vanilla milkshake. I loved it so much that I actually have not drank diet coke since (What???). In the interest of saving money I have given up pop and am trying to get Alex to slowly wean off of energy drinks as well. How fiscally responsible are we? Moving on to the next point…

 photo IMG_20150908_183122_zpsrweq8hvw.jpg

This is our home on our way to Queenstown. Hoop-Delilah is now a fully functioning moveable home and we will be saving them benjamins until we find proper jobs. Caroline moved here from the UK 15 years ago and lived in her car through the whole winter while picking grapes at a vineyard and she assures us we will survive so we are off! We will miss our awesome Kaiteriteri Kiwi families and all the bar folk who treated us like locals I am so excited to start our road trip down the west coast to get to Queenstown and knock the socks of the DOC at my job interview.
Love you all!

By Tracey


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