Rock Pancakes

Screw air mattresses and sleeping pads, pillows are where it’s at! For less than the price of on new sleeping pad, Tracey and I both had a pillow top sleeping experience that could compare to a Hilton. Or we were so tired from the night before that anything felt great.
The beginning of our trip was great! We rolled out of our beds, got a hot shower and breakfast and got all of our stuff packed away in no time. The West Coast is like visiting a brutal, rocky planet with massive waves crashing against walls of jagged cliffs. You can visibly see the impact the water has had on the coastline over the thousands of years.
 photo DSC_0865_zpstzzvoydd.jpg

 photo DSC_0840_zpsey26ljsd.jpg

The scale of many of these places is impossible to capture in a single frame.

 photo IMG_20150909_100326_zpsdk9gxci3.jpg

As we made our way down the coast we decided to check out the famous Pancake Rocks. The name simply comes from the fact that it looks like someone stacked a bunch of flat rocks on top of each other, which ends up looking like a stack of pancakes.

 photo DSC_0855_zpsxvkwc2es.jpg
 photo DSC_0867_zpsqsj08pu1.jpg
 photo DSC_0859_zpsnfonjfea.jpg

All that nature looking like food made us hungry so we headed out to find a table on the side of the road to eat at. (Fun thing to know, there are no rest stops here. Sometimes there are signs for picnic tables on the side of the road which are literally just that. One picnic table for all the cars that pull over.) After missing basically all of our chances at fill sites we pulled into the town of Hokitika, which had a pretty cool sign on the beach.
 photo DSC_0871_zpsxl1bvnnr.jpg

We cooked up some soup and peanut butter sandwiches on the beach and fended off the seagulls. After, we even rinsed our dishes in a public sink (Don’t worry we actually cleaned them later.
Unfortunately the weather caught up with us. A few days of forecasted rainy weather was spot on. We made it to our DOC campsite and set up shop. Everything was looking great and then some showers turned into a downpour. With some crafty work of a tarp, string and our trunk door we made a makeshift lean-to. It was enough to make a steaming hot pile of fajitas that filled us both up and kept us warm.

 photo DSC_0872_zpskxwfm0my.jpg
 photo DSC_0874_zpsxj7znwop.jpg
 photo DSC_0875_zpsuqdgjmib.jpg

We had to do the dishes in freezing cold, hypothermia water since it was a pretty primitive site. At the end of the day though the pillows made all of the difference and let us sleep all the way through the night.
By Alex


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