The Hostelwife

So you know when I told you Alex just got in a van and went off to some mysterious job somewhere? Well its legit! Alex has been working with a construction company building a house in Arrowtown, New Zealand for the last three days while I sit here and be his hostelwife because I am waiting on a call. I cook the meals, clean the room, and well that’s really all the duties I’m in charge of. Its a difficult life because I’m not sure how New Zealand soap operas are and they don’t have bonbons at the grocery, but I’m coping haha. BUT TODAY! Just an hour ago I got a call from the Department of Conservation. The guy who called was on the interview panel and he said that he couldn’t tell me if I got the position or not because there is still paperwork but, and I quote, “don’t go anywhere. you’ll be getting a call soon.” !!!!!!! And then he said actually you mentioned your husband was looking for work and I have a few things that could work for him so have him email me his resume tonight!! How awesome!!!!! This guy actually works in the parks too as a person who conserves and protects native species. (All though after telling me his job title he did make it clear to me at the interview that he doesn’t just hug Kiwibirds all day.) Alex isn’t home yet but I’m so excited to tell him!!! AND we are checking out an apartment tonight. It isn’t really an apartment I guess but a long term hostel where we will have our own room and bathroom and fridge but there is still a shared kitchen and lounge area. Its right on the beautiful lake and its really affordable. Me and Alex went and staked it out last night and there was a tennis court with some guys on it drinking beer. Pretty normal for a hostel but what was abnormal was that there was also a goat on the court and he kept trying to get into the guy’s beer box… so at the very least the place seems interesting! So things are feeling wonderful today. I’m so excited! The weather has been so lovely too, although it doesn’t look like its going to hold through the weekend. This stinks because Alex and I have a job to go plant 1,000 trees at a campground and sleep in the car the whole time. And its supposed to rain and be in the forties so that’s going to be a lot of fun. No showers again too! But hey! New trees! Also I climbed a mountain in during my hostelwife break.
 photo IMG_20150916_122704_zpsyd3dhnfw.jpg
Three hours up. Earned a pretty painful blister in the process, just in time to spend all weekend working outside!

 photo IMG_20150916_123307_zpskwgmjyip.jpg
And here’s our pretty city from up high. Hopefully we really can claim it as ours, at least for a little while.
Now I’m going to sit here in jumping up and down until Alex gets back so I can give him the news. Hooray!
Love you all!
By Tracey


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