I can’t believe a week of October has already past but spring is coming on fast. The sun is getting warmer and the cherry blossoms have bloomed. Good news for us because our DOC jobs start soon. Not that I have minded my job as a cleaner too much. I have met some amazing people doing these odd jobs from an older Jewish lady from Israel whose father in-law escaped Poland during WWII using fake documents and walking across Russia to a Chilean girl saving every penny to get to China. And the houses are beyond fabulous. I even worked in one the other day that had holes in the wall like electrical outlets and you could just hook up the vacuum hose straight into the wall and the dirt got sucked right into the walls.
 photo IMG_20151004_134134_zpsskhxf20i.jpg
Coolest vacuum ever!
 photo IMG_20151003_133939_zpsqun062rj.jpg
This holiday home closet is bigger than our apartment.

 photo IMG_20151003_133925_zpsawx0lcys.jpg
Whats up Martha Stewart? Check out my mad bed making, towel origami skills!


 photo IMG_20151003_122722_zpsgmqip31d.jpg
Only 1000 bucks a night!

Alex has been less happy with his job. Despite working with some nice guys, he is working on a building with broken old tools. What is especially frustrating about this is that they are building a hardware store that will sell nice tools, they just aren’t allowed to use them. Ironic.

All the friends we have made have moved out except for Jake so our parties have officially came to an end. We went out on a bang though and had a cookout for everyone. The landlord here started the charcoal grill by heating up one coal and then using a hair dryer. This is a fantastic trick if you have never tried. The whole grill was in flames in about five minutes! Then the guys proceeded to cook up entire farms worth of animal parts while we listened to strange electronic dance sounds. Electronic sounds, I really don’t think they qualify as music, are very popular here.

 photo IMG_20151002_205526_zpswwtkyhf3.jpg
 photo IMG_20151002_212841_zps78ki4vaz.jpg

There’s nothing too much else to report. We work, we come home and we watch the sun set on the mountains before heading to bed and continuing working our way through NZ movies from the video store. If anyone is interested “What We Do in the Shadows” and “Shark Vs. Eagle” are pretty fabulous choices. And the sunset is pretty awesome too. Because of all the mountain ranges you can’t see the sun at all but where ever it is lurking, it lights up the mountains in different shades. Sometimes the rocks are painted orange or pink and some of the mountains just glow gold. As spring and winter wrestle back and forth the snow grows or recedes every day, though it’s a losing battle. The snow will be gone within the month. Mountains capped with snow definitely appear more majestic but that’s okay. Bring on summer!


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