Settling in

So we’ve now lived in New Zealand for a few months and I think we’re finally settling in.  We both have consistent hours at work, I commute and get mad at “tourists” for driving to slow, we know what to buy at the grocery store and know the food sacrifices we have made by being here (high sugar, sodium, fat, good cheese spicy food….flavor…FOGETABOUTIT). Between climbing trails and dealing with customer questions, we’ve been too tired on our weekends to go do stuff or write blogs for the past few weeks. We’re gonna try to be much better about it in the future. Tracey just recently went on a great walk and we had a shared our Thanksgiving traditions (sort of) with some friends, so expect more soon.

Oh and all of the NZ great walks will be on Google Maps soon. Keep an eye on this page for when they come out. Until then check out the site anyways because there are some spectacular hikes and places on there already.

In the mean time, we did get a new apartment and it is amazing! Here is a stock photo because I don’t feel like cleaning up and our room mate is playing Assassins Creed haha.

 photo 1-2brmapt_lounge_zpsi0jxuzaj.jpg

Its been a huge improvement over our semi communal living apartment that we had before.

And I’ve been trying to snap some photos while I work of some of the cool views and things I see while out on the walks. The quality kinda sucks since its on a 2mp camera from a prepaid phone but it gets the job done.

 photo IMG_20151109_150129_zps4souwm1y.jpg

A scenic view from a closed track

 photo IMG_20151118_183636_zpsc2qiihzd.jpg
 photo IMG_20151118_183459_zpslfkxyeca.jpg

A few shots from the Caples walk

 photo IMG_20151116_125308142_HDR_zpsks0606cy.jpg

A great waterfall along the Routeburn North branch

 photo DSC_0143_zpsfqkwplqb.jpg

A waterfall near Queenstown

Stay tuned for more!!!
By Alex


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