Catching up

So its been a while. Like a really long time, we are sorry about that. Life got busy and it was hard to find something new to write about every single day when you feel like you do the same thing every day. But since our last post some pretty cool things have happened and now they are piling up.

My old buddy Kyle decided since he was finishing up his trip in South East Asia he would pop down and see camp on our couch. Plus, I got to take a week (paid) off work and run around with him!

 photo received_10207883683823670_zps8n2zwv1a.jpegQueenstown Hill

Of course being good Ohioans we drove 4 hours to go to the nearest Wendys. Which was totally worth it. After we stuffed our faces with greasy goodness, we headed down to Curio Bay. We found the coolest campground to stay at on the beach and slept under a clear view of the Milky Way and spotted even more Hector Dolphins.

 photo 12841168_10154099071337652_6413381981142251422_o_zps5ecmpcwg.jpg
 photo 12823268_10154099071327652_9019503939384454988_o_zps4vbdjmcg.jpg
 photo 12823247_10154099071667652_1731898625523557474_o_zpsilly6rgb.jpgDo you see the dolphin?
 photo 12772023_10154099072262652_6060603699193872279_o_zpsdnts0buq.jpgThis only took like 15 takes to get right
 photo output_zDKurl_zps023szohx.gifOh and kyle showed us his mad skills
We tried to go to Rob Roy Glacier but the weather turned on us and instead we decided to climb a waterfall… photo 12605545_10154101711967652_2782777784619449710_o_zpspossl7gm.jpgCows in the road…classic
 photo 12794687_10154101713132652_4164824086885186844_o_zpsluwyrrcb.jpgWere the tiny guys in the bottom left corner

Then Kyle and I went canyoning, which includes being pushed off rocks to fall into ice cold water, jumping from 8 meters into ice cold water, abseiling then jumping into ice cold water and zip lining over ice cold water. It was cold, even with a wetsuit on but a totally awesome experience.

 photo received_10207895665563206_zpscsz4e9sh.jpeg

And then Kyle and I partied til 4 am a few times before he headed back home, while Tracey took off the to do the Motatapu Track. Her story on that soon!

Wheelz (AKA Adam) even sent us a big ol’ package of stuff.

 photo IMG_20160405_145103_zpsvd4pwgqw.jpg

And we drove down to Clifden Caves. It was awesome but unfortunately people have carved and spray painted the cave walls and there a bit of funk to the underground lakes (It smells like boot sweat soup).

 photo DSC_1289_zpsituiia1z.jpg

After the caves we went out to Lake Manapouri and Monowai. We learned the deer were in mating season when all you could hear were the stags on the farms screaming their mating noise all day and night.

 photo DSC_1293_zpsfwzriufj.jpg
 photo IMG_20160402_174024_zpszfug91iz.jpg
 photo DSC_1316_zpsrfsgcc6p.jpg
 photo IMG_20160402_174158_zpseil78yyw.jpg

And we finally made our way up to Lake Sylvan for a nice day walk.
 photo DSC_1395_zpsofuovuhm.jpg

Our roommate Jake moved out so we had to leave our nice apartment and have started camping along with one night stays inside when we can. We moved to Arrowtown with our tent (A big thanks to my dad for getting it here!) just in time for the fall festival. I wandered up a little track one day to find these views with the leaves changing to shades of yellow, orange and red.
 photo DSC_1407_zpsj3acbabk.jpg
 photo DSC_1405_zpsqsyo4rcq.jpg
 photo DSC_1410_zps7bdcscf0.jpg

And one of our final adventures here in Queenstown was going up the Remarkable Ski Park. We wandered a bit off trail and climbed the snowy grass up to a lonely lake on the top. It was eerie to see the abandoned ski field with the creaking empty ski lifts back dropped by the stormy clouds and rough terrain. It’s hard to imagine how it turns into a functioning ski field in a few months.

 photo 13087341_10154253313852652_2029335047877348333_n_zpsxbsgrmdr.jpg
 photo 13102753_10154253314617652_1623084321781913377_n_zpseig3otzh.jpg

So, our trip here is coming to an end and we head to Australia really soon. We have sold everything we own… again (Hoopdelilah will be missed). Its and exciting feeling knowing we’ll be back in a proper city soon with things to do other than hiking and extreme sports. Since we won’t have jobs for the first month well get right back into blogging regularly and keeping you guys all up to date. We love and miss you all!

by Alex

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