One long morning walk in the icy rain to a long and rocky ferry ride to a long and mountainous bus ride got us to Nelson. We have now reached the South Island and are getting closer to the lodge where we can finally have a base camp for a little bit. Our one goal … More Nelson

Te Papa

On Wednesday I got to visit my first embassy. It was just as governmenty as you could imagine, but with a lot more security. Embassies are not really the glowing palaces I thought they would be as a high schooler but this one was especially ugly, looking more like a razor wire protected, run down … More Te Papa

Windy Wellington

At 2:00 on Monday we packed up our bags and headed away from the land of the rotten egg and headed towards Wellington, the capital city of Auckland known for awful rainy and windy weather, the Seattle of the southern hemisphere. It is the gateway to the South Island so it is a necessary step … More Windy Wellington


It’s been a hectic two days since we last checked in but I’m glad for it because it looks like the heavy, day ruining rain has finally caught up with us. It was a bit of a struggle to get here however. The bus company we booked with (Nakedbus, which we heard nothing but horror … More Rotorua

Haruru Falls

Yesterday morning we woke up starving. We had spent the night out making friends with some Brits at the local pub and had forgotten all about dinner. We still have been waking up relatively early, around 5:30 or 6:00 which is nice because we get all the facilities to ourselves and we didn’t have to … More Haruru Falls


Today we headed out of the big city for Paihia, a lovely little beach town on the Bay of Islands. Though it was nearly a four hour bus ride north, it did little in the way of bumping up the temperature. But it didn’t rain, and that’s a start. The bus we took was Nakedbus … More Paihia