Happy Thanksgiving

Recently I finished my first lone adventure here in New Zealand. My worn down boots carried me and my 40 pound pack sixty kilometers over the tops of fiords that reached to the sky from untouched waters. It took me three days to clamber over the mountain saddles and back into civilization. Outside of the … More Happy Thanksgiving

I can’t believe a week of October has already past but spring is coming on fast. The sun is getting warmer and the cherry blossoms have bloomed. Good news for us because our DOC jobs start soon. Not that I have minded my job as a cleaner too much. I have met some amazing people … More

Cheers to summer!

We have had such an exciting weekend that I am not sure where to begin! First things first. On Wednesday we went and checked out an apartment and starting Monday evening we will have ourselves a home! It isn’t exactly an apartment. We have our own room, bathroom, refrigerator and deck but there are still … More Cheers to summer!

Glacier Country

After a glorious night of sleep we woke up to the tail end of the storm. We quickly packed up our things and made our breakfast in fear of another storm rolling in. Luckily one did not. We were now on our way to glacier country, home of the popular Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers. … More Glacier Country

Rock Pancakes

Screw air mattresses and sleeping pads, pillows are where it’s at! For less than the price of on new sleeping pad, Tracey and I both had a pillow top sleeping experience that could compare to a Hilton. Or we were so tired from the night before that anything felt great. The beginning of our trip … More Rock Pancakes