Catching up

So its been a while. Like a really long time, we are sorry about that. Life got busy and it was hard to find something new to write about every single day when you feel like you do the same thing every day. But since our last post some pretty cool things have happened and … More Catching up

Happy Thanksgiving

Recently I finished my first lone adventure here in New Zealand. My worn down boots carried me and my 40 pound pack sixty kilometers over the tops of fiords that reached to the sky from untouched waters. It took me three days to clamber over the mountain saddles and back into civilization. Outside of the … More Happy Thanksgiving

I can’t believe a week of October has already past but spring is coming on fast. The sun is getting warmer and the cherry blossoms have bloomed. Good news for us because our DOC jobs start soon. Not that I have minded my job as a cleaner too much. I have met some amazing people … More


Today we headed out of the big city for Paihia, a lovely little beach town on the Bay of Islands. Though it was nearly a four hour bus ride north, it did little in the way of bumping up the temperature. But it didn’t rain, and that’s a start. The bus we took was Nakedbus … More Paihia

Western Park

This morning we woke up and took care of all the necessities we had been putting off. We have been sharing one half travel sized bottle of body wash and a bit of tooth paste and were running quite low. This brings us to one major downfall of this country (at least in Auckland, we … More Western Park